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                             World Host Training

World Host Training is happening in Derry city as part of 2013 City of Culture.  The training is being applied in schools up and down Derry, but there are some businesses that are also doing the World Host training.  As part of the training, candidates have to do a tour around Derry City. World Host is a course that should improve people’s chance of getting a job and it also improves the attitude of people who work inn the retail and tourism industry. On average, the course lasts four weeks and at the end, candidates get four certificates and a world host badge to show that you passed the training.  In school, the classes that do the training course are year 11, 12 and 13 Other courses that have done World Host Training are:  United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Mexico, Thailand and Australia. The department of Education and Learning (DEL) funded the training in schools in Northern Ireland and it was delivered through the North West Regional College.  The course teaches many things such as: Training the tourism industry professionals to raise the level of customer service excellence and increasing appreciation for cultural tourism products.

By Aaron



The School Formal by Daniel

Daniel interviewing Mrs Begley

This year in May, pupils from year 11 and up will be going to our annual school formal. The school formal is held in the Everglades Hotel every two years. This year, the formal is held a year after last year’s formal in 2012.  so is this a new yearly formal or something else? The Principal of Belmont House School, Mrs Begley said that the reason for the formal this year is because of the City of Culture. I also asked if this will be a new yearly format for the school formal.  Mrs Begley responded by saying “No decision has been made and it’s up for discussion”.  



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